Sunday, 25 January 2009


Soft Lad said...

Kase, I am jealous - as I can see from your pics you can buy so much good stuff at the shops at Japanese airports!!
- Davy

Kase said...

Yo, Soft Lad, of course you can buy those things easily there and you get a place to stay in Japan and they feed you japanese food and you do not need a visa to apply even ha!! Itto tonight??

Soft Lad said...

Afraid cause of the 'credit crunch' and having an unemployed girlfriend I had to miss out on my ginger and rice fix for the week!!!

Its been raining here for days!!

Not sure how Japan compares with the rest of the world and cinema and how long you have to wait for films to come to Japan, but Gus Van Sant's new film 'Milk' is pretty good, though very different to his most recent work. I was it was quite an conventional film, well for his standards.

Are you settling in well??? How's the new job??

Kase said...

Yo Yo Yo
You could've ordered only a potion of rice, John san gives you some ginger anyway eh??

Cheers for the info about "Milk", unfortunately it is not available in Japan yet but should be some point this year I suppose.
I am sure Al has seen it on Internet already!!

I have been bloody busy with my new job but I like it tho! I am learning a lot of things, I like it yo! Thanks for asking,

Have a great weekend Soft Lad!!